A careful examination of experimental evidence for and against special relativity.

Resource website to help anyone studying physics. Topics include Newston's laws of motion, math formulae, and physics for kids.

A global leader in optomechanics and distributor of lab equipment to research & industry, offering the best, yet cost-effective solutions.

The National Nuclear Laboratory is renowned world wide for its expertise, and provides Research and Development and Technical Support capabilities across the whole nuclear fuel cycle.

Nuclear power is the world's largest source of emission-free energy. Nuclear plants produce no controlled air pollutants or greenhouse gases.

Explains how science theory has developed and now needs a new pyhsics.

Textbooks for Synthetic Geometry and a complete dimensionless system of Fundamental Cosmic Physics. Explains Creation and baryogenesis with precise masses of quarks, neutrinos and dark matter.

Community project to compile a list of physics books that can help students in physics classes and exams. Visitors can add new physics books and rate books already on the list.

Calculation of phase diagrams with Thermo-Calc and DICTRA using the CALPHAD approach. General information about the field of computational thermodynamics and computational kinetics.

Flow calculations for pressure drop, natural gas pipe flow calculation, Venturi and Orifice.